Saturday, September 27, 2014

This is one of two souvenir ashtrays that I have from a Hawaiian
restaurant named Kelbo's. Back in the day, Hawaiian/tiki themed
restaurants were all the rage. And Kelbo's was great. They had
drinks that came to your table on FIRE. And the ribs? Oh man.
I grew up going to the West L.A. location for the most part.

But the real reason I am posting a photo of this ashtray is because
eleven years ago today I stopped needing to use an ashtray. I quit
smoking. Not smoking is not always great, but most of the the time it
is good. I am not anti-smoking as I have said before and I will always
stand up for the rights of those who choose to smoke. I just choose not
too anymore. But anyway, HUZZAH for today.

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