Monday, September 29, 2014

When I was younger my mom and my dog and I drove across
these here United States a couple of times. From California all
the way over to Massachusetts, up to Maine, through Quebec
and Montreal, back down by way of Florida (just to name a few
states) and then home again.

My mom is a very cool, very easy going person. She said, "If we
see something we want to explore, we're a'gonna do just that."
And we did. Many trading posts, many caverns and canyons and
other sights. Anyway, one of the many fun things I picked up along
the way was this little covered wagon that originally had a cactus
planted in it.

The covered part of this wagon is "made from the Cholla cactus -
a rare wood growing only in the southwestern United States. The
beauty of the cactus is a work of nature, not men nor insects. In
order to survive the arid desert climate, water is taken in from
the atmosphere through the pores in the wood, creating the lace-like
intricacy seen when the bark is removed." This trading post souvenir
was made in Tuscon, Arizona.

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