Wednesday, October 22, 2014

! ! ! ! It's Witch Day ! ! ! !

 You read right Ladies and Gents, it's Witch Day again here
at El Rancho De La Tex. First up is what I am pretty sure is
a witch, from the Spirit Store. If I saw this face in the middle
of the night in my room in the dark, "witch" would be a good
enough description for Tex.

~ A Witch Casts a Spell ~

A while back I posted a photo of my incense burner and a bunch
of little packages of different scented incense. In each package
was a little picture.

 I finally finished that go-round of incense and I scanned all of the
little labels/pictures. I like them because they seem so delicate.
My favorites are the Musk Amber, the Lotus and the Pine. My
my favorite scents are Musk Amber, Lotus, Pine, and Jasmine.
I used to have Jasmine in my backyard and did it ever smell
wonderful on warm summer nights.

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