Thursday, October 2, 2014

That's right! Today we kicked off the great 2014 Halloween
Season with our Annual Halloween Store Crawl. I printed out our
itinerary so there would be no time wasted. I also printed out
coupons to make the best use of my hard earned
dollars should the need arise.

First stop was Halloween Express. Pretty fun store. Pictures
to come boys and ghouls.

Second stop, our first Spirit Store. I will post some pictures of
this place during this month also.

Third stop, taking a slight break from the macabre (but just a brief one!),
was the Indian Store. I've posted about this totally great store before.
Always a wonderful visit. But hey..... back to the body parts.

Fourth stop was our second Spirit Store. What the last Spirit didn't have
(or didn't have working), this one did. Another great visit and pictures to
come from this place too.

By this time we had two more stops to make but we were getting hungry,
so we stopped by Tom's for a burger and fries. Fantastic and filling as
usual. I know we have Tom's a lot, it's just kind of a tradition.

By this time it was getting to be about eight p.m. and we had little chance
of making it to the last two stores in time to do any real exploring. We
had been out about nine hours at this point and we decided to call it a day.
We were tired. I was a little sad that we were unable to complete our
day's itinerary, but this is only October Second! There is time.
(The mask above was at the Spirit Store.)

What I picked up today at Halloween Express was this butcher knife. I've
been looking for one of these for a while to go with my Michael Myers
collection and here she is. What a beauty! Check out that plastic steel.

I do really like this all metal zombie outbreak sign I bought at the Spirit Store.
They are big on zombies and Walking Dead and such this year, but they are
sorely lacking in slasher material (my favorite). Jason Voorhees is all but not
there and Michael Myers is not much better. There are a few more Freddy
Krueger things, but very few body parts and skulls. And so much easily
damaged styrofoam stuff now. Hopefully slashers will make a comeback soon.

It was a great and long day. One more for the books and more to come.

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