Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Christmas movies are out at Walmart.

Maleficent came out on Blu-ray and DVD today. I really liked
this movie when I saw it in the theater earlier this year and I can't
wait to watch it again. Maybe tonight if there is time. There is
one part in this movie that makes me SO angry. A real reason
to hate (that's right I said it!) a character. Arg. I can't wait to see
this character get theirs again... That is... if they do.
I aint'a sayin' no more.

 Oh, and I bought a new Zippo lighter today. This one is called
"Americana Distressed". Yes, it was an impulse buy. No, I didn't
need it as I have the horseshoe Zippo lighter as well. And yes, even
though I don't smoke, I will use it for other things every day. I will
rotate the two depending on my awesome ever changing mood.

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