Thursday, September 10, 2015

Hooray! Today we went on our Annual Halloween Store
Crawl for 2015! It was great fun and I will be posting
pictures and purchases during the SCARY month of
October. I am looking forward to that.

Oh, and for at least the next month or two we are a
designated Zombie Outbreak Response Team. Not a
responsibility that we take lightly. Hoo-rah! More to come...

 We also took a trip over to the Boot Barn...

...where I picked up a much needed hat brush and a
HUGE bandanna. SO many great uses for bandannas
and I always have one with me.

We also made a stop at the Indian Store.
One of our favorite places.

I spotted this really great drawing of a couple of
horses that I wished I could buy...

...and a purse that I did not really wish I could buy...

...and a few items here that we did buy. Which ones?
More to come from the Indian Store too.

 We bought this guy at our first stop as our 2015
Halloween Crawl mascot. We decided that he is grumpy.

It was a great fun day and I spent money like I had it.
I have to slow down. I did however complete a
Boot Barn survey for a $5 gift card. I have points
from purchases, and as soon as I have a few extree
pesos, I am going back to pick up a Resistol straw
hat that I have my eyes on.

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