Wednesday, October 7, 2015

 Today I have some photos I took of the inside
of the Spirit Store. These pictures are just kind
of an overview.

Some props and things.

All kinds of black light bulbs, strobes and fog
 machines. Most of these are not made for heavy
duty use, no industrial strength machinery. This
stuff is good for a season or two or three I think.

Tons of costumes. I'm thinkin' that this is about
one quarter of the total costume space.

Of course they have some great themes. This year they had
a cabin in the swamp. Lighting plays a big part in these displays
and unfortunately, my camera interferes with a lot of that.
I will post more photos around the themes soon. Hip hip!

I bought V/H/S and V/H/S/2 today. I had heard not great things
about these when they came out way back so I passed on them.
Then all of a sudden people started changing their minds and
raved about them. So I picked them up.

I watched V/H/S tonight and I have to tell you, that was a GOODUN!
If you want a good and freaky movie to watch on Halloween, I say...
THIS ONE. I'm going to watch V/H/S/2 tomorrow.

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