Thursday, November 5, 2015

Borden Cinema played Silverado (1985) tonight.
Starring Scott "Wes Hightower" Glenn and Kevin
Costner, this movie has one of the greatest gags
ever in a Western movie (to me).
Kevin Costner's character "Jake" slowly backs out of
the saloon, he adjusts himself, and yells "HEY!"
to the two men on each side of the building. They both
turn, draw and are CUT down by Jake's quick gun
handling. A pistol in each hand.

Just a great scene in an underrated movie.

Arvo Ojala was the "technical gun coach" for Silverado.
Mr. Ojala who has passed on was a great leather worker.
I don't doubt that he supplied all the leather for the movie.

He has or had a store out in Burbank I think it was. I
went there once looking for a holster for a pistol I have and
I ignorantly declined to buy a holster his son showed to
me. It wasn't the one I wanted. But it WAS a freakin' Arvo
Ojala. I kick myself for that.

Mr. Ojala can be seen at the beginning of every "Gunsmoke"
show. James Arness shot him down in the street every week.

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