Sunday, December 6, 2015

What is better than a brand
new pair of Levi jeans?

I will tell you what is better. A brand new pair of
Levi jeans and a brand new hat is what.

Yep. I went over to Boot Barn armed with my coupons
and bought a new Milano brand hat.

Larry Mahan Hat Collection, made in Texas, U.S. of A.
I have never had a Milano brand hat. Larry Mahan
(of the "collection" part) is a "former" rodeo champion.

10X straw goodness.

Great hatband. One might even say it is cute,
if one were to use words like cute for a hatband.

This shape is different than any of my other hats. It is just a hair
too big so I will be putting some lining in the band to tighten it
up a bit on my noggin. Best part about today is that I used my
thirty dollars in rewards taking some of the sting out of the price.
This hat is relatively expensive.

I have another five dollar coupon. I see turquoise earrings in my future.

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