Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Back again!

What to see... What to see... Hmmmmm....

Star Wars: The Force Awakens! Finally.

That was good. I loved it. This was 100% a worthy sequel
to the original trilogy. People are slamming it for one or two
good points. I can see that, but lighten up, folks. Lighten up.
Overall it is another "Star Wars" unlike Episodes 1 through 3.

I give this movie 10 out of 10 R2D2's.  Daisy Ridley is awesome
as Rey. She has the right combination of everything. Adam Driver's
(I had not seen him before this) Kylo Ren was full of bad assery. 
Han and Chewie together again = tears. Anyway, if the next two are
like this, count me in. Kuchana-kuchana!

One more thought... After seeing Star Wars back in 1977 I had
heard that they were making two sequels. I remember thinking that
they couldn't really do this. Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford would
surely become much too old. Well, here we are more years later than
I could have ever imagined and it freaks me out a little. *shakes it off*

Oh, and I like the little Regal logo on the 3D glasses.
Cool touch.

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