Sunday, January 3, 2016

I bought "Bone Tomahawk" on Blu-ray. It's a western with
elements of horror. I watched it and it pretty much delivers.
One scene in particular had me wincing a bit. As a western, the
movie looked good. Kurt Russel is wonderful as always. Richard
Jenkins really did a good job and surprised the heck out of me
with his performance. No spoilers.

I am not in love with mixing these two genres, but
Bone Tomahawk is worth a watch to be certain.

Here is a scaled down Hoverboard replica from the movie "Back to
the Future: Part Two". This little collectible (dust and all) was part of
the Loot Crate my son received a few weeks ago. I love the colors.
They make me want candy... and bananas, candy bananas.

Extended family.

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