Tuesday, January 5, 2016

It's been raining this week and I saw a rainbow as I was driving.
I stopped and took a few pictures of it. From one end...

...to the other.

I've been wanting "Gone Girl" for a while. It looks.... intriguing.
It's stars the handsome Ben Affleck who is hit and miss with me.
I love his brother Casey a lot, but Ben is, like I say, hit and miss.
 The DVD was under $7.

(Later that night......) I watched "Gone Girl". This movie is twisted.
It is totally worth a watch, totally, but it is twisted. Twisted with a capital
T - W - I - S - T - E - D.

"The Wild Bunch". The two-disk DVD set for under $4.00.
Classic Sam Peckinpah.

I got a new belt buckle for my recent birthday. Now I
have to get the belt. Life has been kind of fun lately.

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