Friday, February 5, 2016

I came across this in one of my boxes of "stuff" the other day.
93 KHJ AM (BOSS CITY) out of Los Angeles was THEE radio
station I listened to when I was 14 and younger. That's Sam Riddle
the "Boss Jock" along with Bobby "Hey Little Woman" Sherman
on the cover there.

Sam Riddle was boss alright. I remember being at the Santa Monica
Ice Capades Chalet skating rink one Friday night when a Doors cover
band was playing. Sam Riddle introduced them and I got to meet him.
I'm sure Sam loved that gig. But it was boss for me.

This is a hits list from October 8, 1969. It was all happening in '69.

I left both of these big so that if you would like to open them in a new
tab or window, you can see what we were groovin' on that week.

And one more thing: Tina Delgado is alive! ALIVE!

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