Monday, March 7, 2016

I received another ten dollar free and clear coupon
from Sports Chalet so I headed on over there hoping
that this time they will have a titanium spork.
(These ten dollar coupons are the cat's pajamas.)

Nope, no sporks in stock yet, so I bought this stuff instead.
The "climbing rated" carabiners are just kind of cool,
and the cord locks I can use right away.
But I still want that spork.


Westworld on Blu-ray!
One of my all time favorites. I have had the
DVDs for a long time, and now finally on Blu.

2 comments: said...

Hi Lizzy,
Nice haul. Sorry you didn't get your titanium spork. Hopefully next time. I have a blue one. Never used it, but I love it. :)


Lizzy Tex Borden said...

You have never used your spork?! For shame. I think I told you before that I carry one in my purse and it has saved me from making a mess of my take-out on more than one occasion. I've seen the blue ones. They are es grande cool!