Tuesday, June 28, 2016

I went to the movies again. I got to go later at night. That is my
favorite time. You know I love to close the theater. And with the
points I earned with my Regal Crown card this movie was FREE!

This time I saw "The Shallows". It is a killer shark movie. It was
okay. The popcorn was better. I give the movie about 5.5 out
of 10 barnacles. Blake Lively did a good job. The shark looked
real. ...I don't know. I am just difficult to please lately.

I am looking forward the the "Magnificent Seven" remake. I know,
it is a remake, but it is a WESTERN. And even though Denzel
Washington is not one of my favorite actors, he never fails to
deliver for me. Never. He SHOULD be one of my favorite actors,
but he just is not. It does not make sense. Anyway, "The Shallows"
is worth a rent when it is released on DVD. I won't be buying it.

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