Monday, June 13, 2016

Well, I have another toothache. This thing is killing me.
I went to the dentist today who in turn referred me to
a specialist and all together we came to the conclusion
that mostly for financial reasons, we are just going to pull it.


Until then I have some lightweight painkillers that are just about
useless against this thing, but I am thankful for anything that is more
than over the counter. So until tomorrow there will be no eating, very
little sleeping (if any) and no making of merriment.

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Marco said...

Oh man, I am sorry the lightweight painkillers did not help with the toothache. When I have a toothache, I do a warm saltwater rinse to keep the area clean. It helps to prevent an infection. You can also try Anbesol if another toothache occurs, as it helps with the pain. I hope the procedure went smoothly and the pain is gone.