Sunday, July 24, 2016

I bought "I Saw The Light: The Story of Hank Williams" on DVD.
I really wanted to see this one. Tom Hiddleston did a good job but
overall the movie was a little long and a little TVish. Elizabeth "Scarlett
Witch" Olsen played his wife Audrey and she sang a bit. In the movie her
singing was supposed to be terrible, but I liked it. Anyway, it seemed to be a
showcase for TH and he is pretty good. I love him as "Loki" in"The
Avenger" movies. 5.5 out of 10 Cheatin' Hearts.

And yeah, it is brush fire season again. Always some added summer stress.
Being evacuated is difficult enough, losing your home? I pray that we never
find out how that feels.

P.S. I entered a contest with Stetson to win a reproduction of the hat
that Tom wore as Hank Williams in the movie. Winning that would
be fantastic and near impossible.

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