Monday, January 16, 2017

A follow-up to yesterday's post...
This is a marquee at the Regal Theater for the movie
"La La Land" which is getting great reviews.
It is supposed to be one of 2017's
best pictures.

Lo and behold on my way out of the theater yesterday they
had these La La Land movie posters on a table, free for the
taking. These posters are double sided. There is a large print
of the words AND music for a song from the movie on the
reverse side. I cannot remember which song. This is a picture
of the poster resting safely in the trunk of our car.

This poster is printed on heavy card stock and is 17 x 24 inches.
I decided right then and there that I was not going to take this
home without a frame for it. It is too nice to let lay around and
take the chance that it would become damaged.

So on the way home I stopped at Aaron Brothers and picked out
a frame. I was lucky to get one as this place was cleaned out. It
turns out that this location is closing. Boo. This is/was my go to
frame store. There is another one, but an even LONGER drive
from El Rancho De La Tex. But I did find a frame.

And here she is. I think the poster is really nice. I just
need to find a place for it. And I will.

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