Friday, July 7, 2017

Years ago when they use to have them, I liked to go to
the Inkslinger's Ball held annually at the Hollywood Palladium
in...... Hollywood. They would host tattoo artists from all
over the world during the three day run. Inkslingers
who you would only see in magazines would be there and if
you were lucky you would be able to book some time with
your favorites, IF... you were lucky. They were usually booked
ahead of time and doing work for daily contests which in turn
would pay off, win lose or draw, in more publicity for them.

They had some great jewelry there. I bought some really cool stuff
there on occasion and unfortunately for me, I lost some really nice pieces
in a motel incident that shall remain a distant memory. One item that DID
survive some crazy times was this skull and crossbones concho in sterling
silver. Now to some this design may be a hair controversial (unbeknownst
to me at the time of purchase). But to me this concho is about pirate
and nothing BUT pirate and always will be. 

I think that it is a great piece and it just gets better with age.

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