Thursday, January 4, 2018

~ My 2018 Birthday Extravaganza Continues Some-more! ~

 I had a few more plans for my Birthday Extravaganza fun, but
first I needed to do my weekly shopping at Walmart. While
I was there I picked up "Lucky". I had seen the trailer for this
movie a week or two ago and I have wanted to see it since
then. This is Harry Dean Stanton's last movie.
That alone makes it a must see.

It was the last one left and it was $9.99. Yesterday I saw it at
Barnes & Noble for $29.99. See? B&N is losing it.
Watching this one soon!

 Next stop? Harbor Freight. I had seen in ads that they have a
wool blend blanket (80%) for eleven dollars and something
and I wanted to pick one up to keep in the car for emergencies.

Good fortune was with me again as it was the last one left. I am
going to wash this guy a few times and then throw it in the car.

And then?
You know it. Little Caesars. My first pizza in three weeks.
I cannot guarantee that this will not happen again before the 
Extravaganza is over. I cannot promise it at all.

There is a Big Lots over in this part of town. I am going to go
in and look at DVDs to see if there is anything I need to have.

Yep, I needed to have these. "Birdman" looks interesting. John Wayne
is John Wayne and is good. "Toolbox Murders 2" is probably terrible
but I have Part One and so....  I'm just having fun at this point.

Home Depot is on my Birthday Extravaganza
itinerary and so here we are.

One item on my list is a toilet handle that is METAL, NOT plastic.
I am out of luck. Stuff is made so cheaply these days. The plastic one
that I bought at Walmart some time back (that I THOUGHT was metal
when I bought it) broke just weeks after I installed it.
All plastic here. Skip it.

 You know, I am quite serious when I say that I hope there are no psychos
walking around some sections of the store. But hey, I am not for locking
this stuff up like they do with spray paint and glue and cigarettes etc etc.
You can only do so much. Situational Awareness comes into play.
It's a good thing.

I have enough of a problem getting out of the shower sometimes
without making it even more difficult. Won't be buying any of these.

I did find one item I had on my list... kind of. I bought this tool bag
for my knife strop and sharpening supplies. I have a .50 caliber
ammo can that I bought at a gun show 20 years ago. I bought that
for my supplies but my strop won't fit inside. So... the bag.
I am going to hit up an Army Navy store next week so if I find
something better, this bag will be used for other things.
Anyway, you needed to know. Hoo-rah!

And for those of you that make a living via lawsuits,
look elsewhere. "Tools and Accessories Not Included".
Their bases are covered. Aaaawwwww. You lose.

For months I have been waiting for this next stop.
Baskin Robbins.

I have been waiting a year to be in here.

Eggnog ice cream. Just like last year.
Really, REALLY good.

Well, that's it for today's Extravaganza adventure.
I can't wait until tomorrow.

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