Monday, January 8, 2018

~ My 2018 Birthday Extravaganza Day Seven! ~

 Another great Birthday Extravaganza day. This one seems to
be raining off and on. More on than off later in the day.

My first stop today is a place that we have been to before, the
Army Navy Store. Again, not be best one in the
world, but fun to visit.

This is all I bought today. I did get a couple of P38 can openers.
Pretty good price at about 30 cents each. Some charge ridiculous
prices for them. I used to get bunches of them at gun shows for
5 or 10 cents each and give them to friends. Folks who don't know
what they are at first have a good time with them.

Next I am over at a Boot Barn that I have not been to before. Oh man,
this one is much bigger than the one I usually go to. I didn't get a picture
of the inside (fail). I was too busy looking around. I didn't find anything
that I could not live without (that I could afford anyway).

But I did get this cool little wall decoration or
wall hook or something. I like this a lot.

 And as I had planned, right next door to Boot Barn is a Turner's Outdoorsman
store. I like this one. It is nicer than the one in my area. I was looking for a few
things that I did not find but I did see my next pistol. A Smith & Wesson 686M
.357 magnum seven round with a 2" BBL. I want that pistol SO bad. But at about
$850 it will have to wait a while. It's all good. I'm covered.

I DID find something that was not on my list but I was so HAPPY to find. I have
been looking forever for shooting glasses that fit over prescription glasses. I cannot
afford prescription shooting glasses so this is the answer. I have had them on my
Amazon list for a few years, but just did not want to pay shipping. So finding them
in person? Most excellent. These are made by Peltor. I have some of their stuff and
it has been good to me.

Next I went over to the mall. Got a great parking place which
is unusual. Good deal because it might be raining
when I get out, and dark.

I walked around the mall and checked out some stores.
The Disney Store didn't have any good sales on Star Wars
stuff this time around. So I walked around some more.

And some more.

And not sure which picture of the same place
looked better so I posted both of them.

I went to SEARS. Don't laugh. I bought a chisel for my toolbox.
I had $4.00 credit and this was only $3.00 after that.

I decided to take a load off and people watch for a while.
I went to Hot Dog on a Stick, one of the weirdest places
in any mall. I had never had their lemonade, or any
lemonade in ages for that matter.

I tried the cherry lemonade. Oh my gosh this stuff is
da bomb. Really really tasty. I sat here for about ninety
minutes listening to my iPod and sipping my any age
appropriate beverage. 

Then.... I decided leave the mall to get
something to eat before calling it a day.

Yes sir.

After I pick up my Little Caesars pizza I will usually drive over to
another food place to get a cold drink with ice. Tonight it is McDonald's.
It is nice also because I can use their restroom before making the long
drive home. I have quite a way to go. And I better head on now.
It is getting late (again, by older people standards).

Stay tuned! The Birthday Extravaganza
is not winding down just yet!

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