Sunday, January 7, 2018

~ My 2018 Birthday Extravaganza Day Six! ~

 On Wednesday I posted that I bought the 8 inch Lodge
cast iron pan that I finally found over at Target. I could
not wait to try it. So on my kind of down-time Extravaganza
day, today... I did!

I seasoned it a couple of times on the stove and
in the oven and I think she is ready to make me happy.

I started out with some bacon.
*Homer Simpson donut sounds*

Then I moved on to the potatoes. Holy cow this pan is nice. The
potatoes are cooking in a third of the time and they are so tender
inside and crisp outside. Nice.

Then................... eggs. Fluffy City. No stick. Very nice.

As I have posted before, I like my food a little more well done than
most folks, so to me this is perfect. This was delicious. Some of the
best I have done. I also had some of the Oreo Cookie hot chocolate.
Dang. Good stuff.

Quick cleanup of the pan. I seasoned it a little more on the
stove and I was done. Cast iron is awesome. I can't wait
to work with it again.

Tomorrow my Birthday Week Extravaganza continues!

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