Thursday, January 11, 2018

~ My 2018 Birthday Extravaganza Day Ten! ~

Not a whole lot planned for today, but it IS my Birthday
Extravaganza Week, and I am taking time off of work that
I do NOT want to waste, so I decided to go to the movies
again today. I enjoy going to the movies a lot and I get more
points in the rewards club, so it is allllll good.

Today? "Insidious: The Last Key". This is Part Four in the series.
I have One through Three on DVD and pretty much enjoy them,
so I think this will be good.

Okay, Insidious 4 was okay. I had a good time with it (and the popcorn
and Diet Coke). No spoilers. There were not many other folks in the
theater with me, but there was a couple sitting about six seats over from
me in the same row. This couple made me feel like a pretty seasoned
horror movie goer. Every time there was a scare (jump scare or not) the
whole row of seats would jerk back violently. I saw most of the scares
coming, but not them. I thought is was pretty funny. What? Nawww....
Even though I see the scares coming, I still enjoy them. No worries there.

Anyway, I give Insidious: The Last Key 6 out of 10 Not So Empty Suitcases.
When it comes out on DVD, I will buy it to complete my collection.

Just one last stop today, World Market again.

I was hoping to find the hot handle holder for my cast iron pan, the one
that I really want. Nope. But I am going to try these until I can find that
one. Deja vu going on here.

Coming REAL close to the end of my Extravaganza now.
A little more to come.

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