Friday, January 12, 2018

~ My 2018 Birthday Extravaganza Day Eleven! ~ 
It is another beautiful day at El Rancho De La Tex.

The lemon trees are loaded down today. Time to enjoy the next
to the last day of my Birthday Extravaganza Week.

One last movie to see...

"The Shape of Water". I have no idea about this movie.
It was directed by Guillermo del Toro so it could be kind of...
different. Popcorn and Diet Coke at the ready. Let's go!

Hey, I LIKED this movie. I really enjoyed it. And yes, it is a
different type of movie and I will be buying it when it comes
out on Blu-ray. Again, no spoilers except to say that among the
other good performances, Richard Jenkins is a treat again. He
continues to surprise me. And if I can put Michael Shannon's
real life politics on hold (difficult), I will say that I thought he
was great as well. I will rate this movie 7.5 out of 10 "His what
comes out of WHERE?!"s.

 After the movie I went over to yet another Target to look around
and see if they had "The Lion King" Blu-ray on sale.

And this I cannot understand. Well, I can and I can't. I can understand
all the vinyl records I have seen all over the place now as a nostalgia
thing, but I grew up with nothing but vinyl albums. I still have most of
them. If you ever had to schlep these things around to listen to music,
with a very limited number of songs, well, you would love CDs or MP4s.

I have over 5400 songs on my beloved iPod. That is just about every album
I have ever owned and then some. Sure, there are no pops and hiss on my music
now... but I can overlook this for the convenience factor... And no turning
over of records to hear the other half of the album. And "shuffle" is awesome.

Here is another thing I cannot understand. Of all the vinyl
 to put out there... THIS? Really? I mean, what's going on?

Oh, they had "The Lion King" Blu-ray on sale. I have had this movie on
my list for some time. I just never wanted to spend for it. But for the
Extravaganza? Done. This was the first movie we took our son to see. It
brings back memories. Especially the ending credits with "Can You Feel
the Love"... Makes me misty.... Ahem... Next!

One more stop. I need some screws to hang the metal
longhorn steer thing I bought at Boot Barn on Monday.

I bought some "stormproof matches". I am almost embarrassed that
I bought these. I don't take Walmart's stuff like this too seriously. I'm just
going to play with them.

Oh and I got this 24" grabber/magnet thing. These guys can save your bacon
if you drop something juuuuust out of reach. I have a really cheap one that
I bought at Harbor Freight years ago and it has really helped me a few times.
This is an upgrade. The magnet is much stronger and the grabbers are too.

And I also got the screws. Success! Victory is MINE!

I guess that is all for today. Tomorrow is my last day off. These days off
have been fun. This is only the second time in my entire working life
that I have had this much time off. I on occasion will have a long weekend,
you know the three day things. But I am going to do the more days off 
more often if possible.

One more day! Stay tuned!

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