Saturday, January 13, 2018

~ My 2018 Birthday Extravaganza Day Twelve - Epilogue! ~

I had a pretty good time this Birthday Extravaganza go around.
I hung up my longhorn hook thing whatever it is that I bought
at Boot Barn, although I am going to redo it with the screws that
I bought at Walmart yesterday.

I absolutely LOVE my cast iron pan that I found at Target.
Got a great price and man, I cannot wait to use it again, and
again... and again. Finding this pan was one of my main
objectives for this Extravaganza. The awesome
price was the cherry on top.

I had a very nice time talking movies and life with
an older woman I met at the theater when I went
to see "The Shape of Water".

And the bag I bought at Home Depot for my knife
maintenance overflow turned out to work great.
Everything fits inside and...

...the strop fits perfect. That was my main concern,
the strop. Good luck abounds.

And I also loved listening to the bullfrog croaking away in
the huge field/marsh(?) next to REI. That was terrific.

I go back to work tomorrow and it is an early early day so I have an extra
early bedtime. I am finishing off the leftover pizza (it is a'WAY better than
it looks) while watching a few of my favorite folks on YouTube.

I am thankful that I was able to do all of what I did during my Birthday
Extravaganza and that I was brought home safe after every journey. I am
thankful that my family is all at home and safe. That is it! I hope to do
this again sometime down the line.

Thanks for joining me and adios for today!

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