Friday, March 2, 2018

They were charging an arm and a leg for "Don't Breathe"
not too long ago. It is supposed to be a pretty good movie.
Walmart dropped the price to five dollars so I picked it up.

Certified Fresh on Rotten I'm not even
quite sure what that means other than, I guess the fresher it
is, the better it is? Not sure. I don't put too much stock
into these places anyway. Half the time the voting
is rigged in one way or another.

I did watch it and it was good. Pretty dang good. It stars Stephen
Lang. Mr. Lang starred as Ike Clanton in "Tombstone". He always
gets a pass from me for that alone. This movie is about three young
folks who break into the home of a sightless veteran thinking that
stealing his fortune will be a cakewalk. Nope. The vet can "see" it the
dark, the young folks can't. It goes from there. Oh yes, there is a pretty
good twist too. Those are fun. Totally really worth five dollars.
I will give this movie 6.5 or 7 out of 10 "Who Is The Good Guy?"'s.

I was actually yelling at the screen during some parts.

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