Tuesday, May 15, 2018

I bought the Chuck Norris Triple Threat DVD over at Walmart for
just $5.00. The movies included are "Missing in Action" (1984), "Missing
in Action 2: The Beginning" (1985) and "Braddock: Missing in Action III"
(1988). All three movies are on one DVD. I have watched Missing in
Action so far and the quality is fine. These movies are great 1980's fun.
They are no better or worse than you would think they are.
Hey, it's Chuck Norris. That DVD cover is epic.

When Chuck Norris pops up from under water unloading a barrage of 
7.62x51mm NATO rounds from a fully automatic M60 machine gun,
you know you are in serious Missing in Action territory.

It's all good.

Fun Fact #1: Chuck Norris does not do push ups.
He pushes the earth down. 

Fun Fact #2: Chuck Norris was once bitten by a venomous cobra.
After five days of excruciating pain, the cobra eventually died.

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