Thursday, September 26, 2019

My son took his grandma and I to the Zoppé Italian
Family Circus. The Zoppé Italian Family Circus started
some 160 years ago in Venice, Italy. This photo shows
the tightrope artist Molly Plunk. She is great and a lot
of fun to watch as she dances an Irish jig across the wire.

I will probably show more photos of the circus
in the future, but unfortunately I am not too good
with my phone's camera, so half-way decent
photos from the circus are kind of rare.

They said we are free to share photos and probably
videos if we would just get the word out that we
enjoyed their show. We totally did. They also said
that if we did NOT enjoy the show, to please not
say anything to anybody. Circus humor.
That was good too.

Oh yeah, the guy on the right is Nino the Clown.
This guy seems to be a circus jack of all trades. He
keeps the entire show going and he works HARD
(as they all do). He had me rolling more than once.

After the show all of the performers lined the exit to
say "Good-bye" and "Thank you for coming" to all of
us as we filed out of the tent. Nino was in there and
I went over just to say thanks and he gave me big
ol' hug. What a great way to say
good-night to the circus.

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