Thursday, January 30, 2020

In all my years of owning and shooting firearms
I have never seen such a thing as the thing that
I saw at Walmart the other day.

This is a "Shoe Top Barrel Rest" made by the Allen
Company. Apparently you attach this leather pad to
to top of your shoe. You are then able to comfortably
rest the barrel of your shotgun on your
foot in-between shooting trap.


Now, I was taught and always go with the rule "Never
point your firearm at ANYTHING you are not willing 
to kill or destroy." So far I am not willing to kill my foot.

I saw somebody on the Internet get creamed by trap
shooting folks for criticizing this product. Oh well.
I feel our feet are safer than theirs. We do the best we
can the Lord willing.

This cannot be stressed enough.
Be safe out there folks.


Unknown said...

I understand your concern but this mostly made for trap shooters as you did mention so they can rest the Barrel on something other than concrete (with breech open)while waiting on their turn to shoot. Some trap fields will have a piece of rubber laying on and ground at each station for this purpose. My son used to shoot trap and actually got a scholarship to shoot in college.
I couldn't imagine anyone resting a Barrel on their foot unbreeched but not much surprises me these days.
I enjoy your pics!

Lizzy Tex Borden said...

Yeah, I might have come down a little hard on this item, but it just took me by total surprise... As I wrote, point a gun at myself loaded or unloaded? Just not in my DNA. I'm sure your son knows what he is doing.... I've never shot trap.

I'm glad you enjoy my pictures, some a little better than others... It's all about the fun....

Keep coming back as they say....

Lizzy Tex