Monday, April 20, 2020

It's Holster Day yet again at El Rancho De La Tex. These
are the first two holsters I ever bought... YEARS ago. As
you can see, they didn't get much use. They were both for a
Ruger Security Six .357 Magnum I used to have. Why do
I still have the holsters? Not sure.

Anyway, I bought the ugly black leather Triple K basketweave
holster at a gun show along with the HKS leather basketweave
double speed loader case. The speedloader case is pretty good.
The holster? I'm not in love.

The guy I bought them from had a ton of cardboard boxes on his tables.
You just say to the guy, "Hey, you got anything for a Security Six, six
inch?" He says, "Yeah!" and starts frantically digging though all of 
the boxes and if you like what he comes up with? SOLD!

I liked that guy.

I bought the cordura holster on the right at a Big 5 store. It is a pretty
good one. I can't make out the brand on the holster from the picture
and the holster is packed away so I cannot look it up. These
two holsters hold some good memories for me.
Maybe that is why I still have them.

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