Sunday, July 5, 2020

As I wrote a few days ago, this is the Ka-Bar Becker BK14 knife
that I decided to modify in an effort to really make it mine.
Here it is as it looked in 2015. Today I am going to remove that
black powder coating. That coating is there to protect the 1095
Cro-Van carbon steel from rusting. But is also makes the knife
more difficult to use for things like food prep. So, today it's gone.

To strip the coating I am using this Jasco Premium Paint & Epoxy
remover. I searched the internet to see what others used to do this
and this product seems to work really well. Gotta be careful though,
this stuff seems REALLY toxic. I am using heavy duty gloves.

This is the knife soaking in the Jasco. I am using a tin foil pan.
The knife looks like it is FRYING. Must be working. I am letting
it sit for fifteen minutes.

Well, after some scraping with a putty knife, a box opener blade and
a little elbow grease, this is all that is left of the coating.

And here is the result. I think it turned out great so far. It was actually dang
easy to do. I am beginning to be sorry that I waited for so long to do this.

The next step will be forcing a patina on the knife. A patina will help
a little to prevent this carbon steel blade from rusting. Stay tuned!

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