Wednesday, June 2, 2021

I've seen this movie at Walmart for quite a long
time now. I've watched it priced from (I think) $9.99
then to (I believe) $7.50 and then (pretty sure) $5.00
until today when it came to $3.74.

What hooked me was the line in the summary that
reads "un-earthed and donated to a museum in the heart
of the woods."  A museum in the heart of the woods?
Yeah, that sounds cool.

The movie is probably not good.



I watched it.
Yes, it was not good. For one thing, it was NOT a "museum
in the heart of the woods." In the countryside maybe, but
NOT in the woods. AND they never said that the story took
place in the UK. I was not ready for that.

Anyway, I am going to give "The Jack in the Box" 3.2 "Museums
Definitely Not in the Heart of the Woods". I would not
buy this movie for $1.00.

The .2 is for the music which at times was pretty effective.


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