Monday, September 27, 2021

This is an ashtray that I bought in Louisiana sometime
in the 1970's. It looks a little weird because it is still
sporting some wax from when somebody in a past life
burned a candle in it. That's okay. I no longer need to use
 this as an ashtray because I quit smoking cigarettes. As a
matter of fact, today is my Eighteen Year Anniversary
being smoke free.

I smoked for most of my life and then off and on for a
few more years, but I can say with 98% confidence that
I am now smoke free for life. I don't even think about
smoking anymore. This is good. Anyway... Huzzah!

Let me add as I always do that I side with folks who
choose to smoke. I am not anti-tobacco or anti-smokers.
I just don't smoke anymore.

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