Wednesday, July 20, 2022

~ Chapter One, The Chair ~
I REALLY need a new chair for my desk. My older chair
broke and almost knocked me on my butt in the process.
I went to Staples (office supply store) and looked around.
I ended up buying the gray chair you see in the foreground.

~ Chapter Two, Oh The Pain ~
After getting it home and putting the thing together it just
didn't work out for me... at all. The lumber support KILLED
my back and it wouldn't recline at all. Oh well.

~ Chapter Three, The Return ~
Staples let us know that we can return The Chair to them within
14 days of purchase, with receipt (always) and if disassembled.
My son was a huge help with ALL of this and I was eventually
refunded my $$$s in full.

~ Epilogue ~
I dislike returning things and in the last 20 years it has been
necessary for me to do that only a couple of times (defective
items). As for the chair? I still REALLY need one and will try
again sometime down the line.

~ The End ~

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