Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Meanwhile, during our crawl we made our usual highly
looked forward to stop at the Indian Store. When we
arrived we noticed that Chief Tawonka was missing in
action from his usual spot in front of the store. He had
been there for I don't know HOW long.

As it turns out, he was in the back room receiving a
makeover. He looks grand if'n ya ask me. We can't
wait to see him out in front again.

I spotted this doorknocker(?) on the wall and contemplated
bringing it home. It was I think $15.00. I didn't though. I am
saving my money for Halloween goodies.

The Indian Store is LOADED with beautiful items from
jewelry to cultural artifacts and they are not inexpensive. $15.00
is my speed. I did splurge one time though, on Monday,
June 20, 2016 and bought a cover for my Bic lighter.
I did make a post about it then and it shows the cover
brand new. The above picture shows that it is pretty
tarnished now, but I am good with it.

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