Monday, November 28, 2022

Here is another Zippo lighter that I own. I think this may be
the first one I ever bought. I purchased this one from the
National Rifle Association sometime in the early mid 1980s.

This lighter I did use for lighting cigarettes as I smoked at the
time. Most likely Winston 100s, Marlboro or More Reds, or
all of them. I used this lighter a LOT.

Here is a closer up of the attached logo on the Zippo. This
lighter is in really good shape considering how much I
carried and used it.

The markings on the bottom indicate that my lighter was
manufactured in 1974. Wo. That's a long time ago.

And lastly, here is the box it came in and the little
information sleeve that was included. I have not used
this lighter for years and years and I will never use it
again. It will be another one of those little things that
I want my son to have.


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